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Rup Sidhu aka Ruploops

is an interdisciplinary artist and facilitator currently residing on unceded Coast Salish Territories,

Vancouver, BC. his work meets at the intersection of social justice and the arts, for the past 20 years he has been growing his understanding of anti-oppression, liberation and empowerment work. rup has created and led hundreds of programs and trainings with youth and adults around the globe.


Raise your V.O.I.C.E.

(Vocalize Our Inner Creative Expressions)

In this engaging workshop, participants will explore vocal percussion, the art of live

looping and song writing to co-create original music that utilizes the voice of each

participant. Live looping is a new way to create music; it is the live recording, layering

and playback of music created in real time using loop station technology. Rup will

teach the basics of beat boxing as well as Indian vocal percussion to give the workshop

participants an understanding of what he likes to call the “tongue drum!” The group

will create improvised and spontaneous compositions where listening to each other

and utilizing each other’s skills is the key. Participants will then be taken through writing

exercises to create original lyrics around what they care about in the world. All ending

in a brand new song that is ready to be performed or recorded.

You are the M.V.P.

(Music Video Production)

Rup has been teaching the foundations of rap, spoken word, song writing, beatboxing

and beat production to folx for 15+ years. He has created several on going programs

through the Sarah McLachlan School of Music as well as done numerous residencies

where he works with young people to find their authentic voice through the creative

process of writing, recording and producing music videos. Media literacy and the belief

that we as a society need to be active creators of culture and not just passive

consumers of media are at the heart of this mutli-day workshop.

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